• A number of organisations are working to preserve Bryggen and disseminate its history, both through The Bryggen Project and in other ways. Read more about them here.

  • Bryggen tells the story of daily life in historical Bergen – both in the form of extant buildings and through archaeological finds. The Treasury contains glimpses into Bergen’s rich history.

  • The Bryggen Project is the latest chapter in the preservation history of Bryggen – a history which stretches from medieval firefighting to modern cultural heritage management.

  • Ageing buildings and sinking groundwater levels are some of the challenges faced by Bryggen in Bergen.

    The Bryggen Project is a governmental project launched in order to save this unique cultural heritage site.

The Bryggen Project is led by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, which allocates about 20 million NOK to the restoration of Bryggen each year. In 2011, the government granted an extraordinary endowment of 45 million NOK for stabilizing the cultural deposits underneath the buildings by raising the groundwater levels.


Historical Bryggen                                                                       The tenements