The heritage buildings of Bryggen have a high conservation status and are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Bryggen is mentioned as an example of a settlement structure and culture which no longer exist. The surviving houses were rebuilt after the city fire of 1702, but their roots go back to the start of the Middle Ages. Today, there are a total of 62 listed buildings at Bryggen. Stiftelsen Bryggen (The Bryggen Foundation) owns 35 of these buildings, while the rest belong to private owners who are organised through an association of their own. Both the extant buildings and the archaeological material contain elements that enable us to make assumptions about the use of materials, architectural traditions, adaptation to difficult soil mechanics and tool use, both before and after the fire of 1702. This knowledge is important for the restoration of the buildings. The biggest challenges faced by the buildings themselves, if we disregard the unstable foundation of the cultural deposits, are dilapidation and decay.

Map by Rigmor Huus, City Cultural Heritage Management Office. The listed buildings at Bryggen are highlighted in red.